Home Page of the Adjunct Faculty Organization
OFFICERS: Lynn Boza, President
Valerie Cullin, Vice-President
Lorena Bencsik, Treasurer
Margaret Green, Secretary; Sherry Morgan, Financial Secretary
Edgar Johns, Grievance Officer
Office: N006; Office Number: 313-845-9707

AFO News/Documents

Next General Membership meeting to be held on Friday, October 19 at 3:00PM

We will be holding elections for board members at this General Membership meeting. Our current slate is:

President: Lynn Boza Vice-President: Bill Norris

Treasurer: Lorena Bencsik Secretary: Margaret Green

Financial Secretary: Sherry Morgan Grievance Officer: Edgar Johns

If you are interesting in running or would like to nominate someone, please refer to the Constitution, Section 6 of Article V for the guidelines. The elections committee currently consists of Maria Sepulveda, Joyce Hovermale, and Victoria Morris.

Complete 2017 to 2021 HFCC-AFO Contract

Teaching and Non-teaching Salary Schedule 2017-2021

Membership and Dues form - new as of October, 2018

Statement of Principles

MOA Concerning Assignment of Clinical Rotations for Adjunct Nursing Faculty

MOA: Temp. Part & Full Time

MOA: Returning AFO Retirees

MOA: Personal Day

MOA: Professional Development & Merit

MOA: Performance Evaluation, Performance Evaluation and New Hire Mentor Programs

MOA Hiring and Retention Incentive Payments for Adjunct Nursing Faculty

Adjunct Reimbursement Request Form - Revised September 2017

Proposed Constitutional Amendments